The explorers Club


26 april - This time Keshi brought us to the world Virlands. This world is a science fiction world , in fact it represents a space ship maintenance and repair center on a tiny asteriod , called "Alphaprime Space Portal".

The world has been built and is owned by MaxPoly (#299422), who was our special guest for this event. In 2008 he had won the AW Showcase Awards for this world.

By typing h:help you will see webpage of the Hermes bot (extended chat bot), developed in 2006 by Dr.Squailboont (#314753). You can leave this page by clicking the little cross on the upper left. Apart from that, you can also type in the chat: jump list. Then the bot will give you a list of locations where you can teleport to.


When entering we saw that it was quite a heavy download (more than 500 items, some of which were large objects), and especially because we were entering all together the items didn't load rapidly. But after several minutes everyone could see the entire space station, which lots of sounds and animations included.

Now we can start exploring by flying around or by typing the names of the jump list....

"Flight Service"

The entrance hall consists of a reflecting floor : this reflection is created by using a transparant floor and building under this floor all objects upsidedown which are inside this room. You will see that the gatekeeper walks around and inspects the workers which are entering the entrance hall.

From the entrance hall you can take the elevator and go to the offices or you can go into the halls of the production line with the space vessels.

"R2D2 Loading Bay"

The R2D2 loading bay is the first part of the maintenance line for the space vessels.

Each time you will see a space vessel entering the loading bay, and while the vessel turns around and moves backwards, you can see a R2D2 robots entering into the elevator. And finally the R2D2 will be installed into the space vessel.

"Ammo Loading Bay" - "Gun Refit Bay" - "Launch Bay"

Next step in the maintenance is the ammo loading bay. You can watch the operators behind their control desks and while the space vessels are slowly proceeding on the production line, you will see robots moving around the space vessel doing the maintenance and repairs.The final step is the launch bay, where are vessels restart their flight.


"Supply Lander"

The supply ship landing hangar is also automated : each time you will see a supply ship entering from the roof of the hangar, where new supplies are delivered and/or picked up. You can enter the building through a circular door, inside you can click upon "Launch Cams', then you can follow a flight with the supply ship with the help of several camera views.

"Wormhole Gate" - "Teleportal Pod" - "Teleportal Hub"

On the central landing zone, you will find the wormhole gate. When you enter this stargate, you will be teleported via a wormhole into the teleportal pod. From this place you can enter the teleportal hub.

"Expo Booth"

Here you can view some realizations of MaxPoly for the AW Expo of 2008 : Meadowlands, Marina DelRey, where you can make a virtual tour on the Paddle Steamer Waverley, there is the presentation of the MaxPro Dance System.

There is also the Holo Projection Transmission Station. In the center you will find the Dematerialize Teleportation System. These 2 attractions can be found in the Teleportal Hub as well.

People at this event : Yan, Jackson, Toxor , Tabitha, Trystan, CableCar Gal, Catwoman, MaxPoly, Keshi , Albert1, Astroh, Illumex, Old Kunnel , Smaug, Ciena, Red Sorceress, PeaceKeeper47 , Judge Duvet, Tarza , Bach Zhaa, Panne, Mighty M, and Sacajewea.

"Air Processer"