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22 March - AWMyths is a RPG world (=Role Playing Game) and was founded in 2006 by Garrick (#354110). It's a world of elfs, draws, humans , orcs, ...etc. and it's RPG game about survival and fighting skills. Recently the world has become more popular again , as the world has extra support of 2 new caretakers : Rumplestiltkin(#360544) and Neo Rousseau(#363550). Other staff members are Morgana Le Fay (#396369), Stayit (#361372) , Jackson. (#351335) and Tattiana (#360404). There is also a forum website with more information about the world AwMyths :



How can you play the RPG game ?

In the right upper corner you will see a hud screen with bars showing : health, nutrition, hydration and mana. There is also the possibility to go to combat mode, and there is a parchment upon which you can click, where you will read the game stories and also the game statistics.

In this central area around GZ , you can start to learn the game. The staff members can help you as well.

Flying and teleporting and inviting is disabled in this world, so it was a bit more difficult to explore this world. Mita (#348707) did know the world very well and took us for a guided tour to some of the areas in this world. So the world has been explored in group and everyone needed to stay together and wait for the others , because otherwise you would get lost , because you can't fly in order to check in which direction the group has gone.


Another item that you can't use in this world are the CAV's (customizable avatars), but you can choose between a wide range of avatars. This is a good choice , because this way , the game remains in its RPG-fantasy world theme.

Going from one place to another wasn't always obvious : as you can't fly, the world seems like a maze, and there were often some bridges to cross in order to get into other land parts in this world.

Although its a RPG fantasy world with dwarfs, elves, orcs, medieval humans , etc ,nevertheless you will find a wide variety of buildings, objects , plants and landscapes.

People at this event : Mita, Keshi, AceRun51, Toxor, Old Kunnel, TenYearsGone, Tarza, Whisp , Rumpelstiltkin, Minnie Mouse , Jackson. , Sophia Deer, Ciena, Cablecar Gal, Panne, NY Giants, Smaug, b3cky, DeMonLord, Catwoman, Bach Zhaa ,Starheart and Stayit.