America : EBTS5


The 5th Extreme Builers Talent Show was organized from 4th January till 1st March in the world America , the entry point is on location 500N 500W you will find the teleport center for all different buildings. On 15th march, the jury has chosen the 3 winners :

1st James (#381405) 50$ + a p20 world
2nd Ozyseo (#368259) 30$ + 200 credits
3rd Oklahomatraveler (#391054) 20$

But everyone did receive a score for his/her build. On this webpage you will find some of the nicest builds.


Ozyseo (#368259) (2nd place) did build a rollercoaster ride, but using his own gravity commands technique, instead of using server controlled movers for it. The difference is in fact that you avatar does not move during the ride : when you press the End-key to finish the ride , you will see that your avatar is still on the original position.


Tenyearsgone (#378183) however did use a server controlled mover to make a ride to the top, until reaching a nice gazebo. Inside the gazebo you can find some buttons , which will bring you to another location to explore...

Stayit (#361372) made a small Jurassic Parc with exotic plants.

MatthewW (#365358) made a fortified lab for this creature...

McRider (#286001) made this Wizard-of-Oz ride , bringing you to different adventures of the famous story.

Doc1 (#111071) did make a large building in which you could find a wide range of working clocks. A lot of objects have the matfx command (which make the reflections) and particle emitters as well.

Oklahomatraveler (#391054) (3rd place) brings us back to the 80s with some of the popular Atari computer games: Space Invaders, Asteroids and Breakout. By using the gravity commands, we can play these games here again in Activeworlds :)

Vera (#200764) decided to make a modern building with excluvise furniture and a nice garden.

Ciena (#270697) takes us to the world of the Aliens, where you can see several labs with cloning and cultivation of humans , aliens and genetic manipulated plants.

Stanley (#299665) did a remake a an old colonial house in the Philippines, which looks almost real by using a nice selection of textures. One detail : when opening the doors, you will see that the shadow moves and that the sun also shines inside.

Iao Moonshadow (#358444) made a tranquil spot where you could compose your own melodies by clicking upons specific objects.

Mike (#288701) made a copy of the statue Christ The Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro. Inside the statue you will find a small chapel.

Ozman(#357777) and Apooka(#363660) have built a jungle world, in which you could see all kind of animations by clicking upon the stones in the middle. You could also make a boat trip in the canals. The mover brings you also into un underseas world, which is of an astonishing beauty, and plenty of ornamental objects and details.

Typor (#394895) made a city of skyscrapers , at the same time you can see the small traffic lights and all kinds of cars driving around.

James (#381405) (1st place) has build a ride into a diamond mine under a forest hill. Inside the mine, you could see all kinds of dwarfs, donkeys and pets, and of course diamonds, which were collected everywhere in the caves. The ride itself is funny too, as the railtrack turns on the side when making a curve.

RichieG (#379538) made a giant cinema hall, the entrance looks amazing. There is also huge theatre hall , and finally also a huge hall with plenty of seats.

Enkii (#363787) made a kind of egyptian temple complex, and its a kind of a quest which leads you inside a pyramid where you can will find a machine room and a video control center. Going further you will arrive into a kind of particle emitter lightshow leading you to the orion stars....

Gremot (#364307) has also built a quest game, but with more advanced techniques : There is also a video screen in which you can enter a verb, a command, a direction, or a word, and the video machine responds to it. There is also a robot in the area which reacts upon some commands as well : it will take some time to figure out yourself how the game works, by reading all the instructions ...so it's a real quest game