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  Yellow : Steam City


25 january - Steam City is a location in the world Yellow. Steam City is a big area, mainly built by Ozman(#357777) and Apooka(#363660). Their passion to build by making things that feel alive have had their influence over all the world of Yellow.

Yellow is a public building world, just like Alpaworld, AWTeen and Mars. The entry point for this explorers event is Apooka land @ Yellow 832N 937E. This building area has been started in 2008, and from this entry point your can go straigt ahead into a building where you will find a teleport to Steam City GZ. You will also find other teleports which you can explore 1 by 1.



Steam City GZ is located @ Yellow 1838S 1690E. Inside the Steam City reception hall, you will find teleports to several object yards and texture yards. You will see that most of the buildings in Steam City are rather unusual, but all this has been obtained by choosing appropriate textures , mostly by using picture files on pict-objects and png files (using masks) on pict-objects and also by using advanced building techniques.

Steam City has also a building area, several citizens have their own building lot here.

Besides Steam City, there are still other locations, such as Pax Sanctuary @ 95S 1581E. In this area you will find small temples and pagodes in Eastern style, with Japanse gardens and plants, and with the typical bridges.


During this event, the news was just announced that Nitecap had passed away, that's why there were barely any visitors ...