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  AW : Bleakwood

15 November - The Explorers Club went to Alphaworld (AW) where they have visited Bleakwood, which is a town area built by Kuma Bear (#366012). Kuma Bear is a very good builder and she has won a CyAwards this year (Virtual Art Design). The building area of Kuma Bear is huge and reaches an area of 200 cells into each direction....and it's not only the town of Bleakwood but also the surrouding landscape that is amazing.....


The explorers Club
  AWTeen : Spiral Glacier Ski Area

18 October - Today's Explorers Club event took us to the world AWTeen , where we were invited to look at Foxmore o's build : The Spiral Glacier Ski Area.

Foxmore o (#349753) is the special guest at this event , and he has been an Activeworlds citizen since 2002 and has started with this project in 2005 and kept developing with new additional areas. The Spiral Glacier Ski Area is containing now over 30.000 trees , which has been built with the help of a bot. Also building the mountains with this bot took a lot of time to realize.

The explorers Club

20 September - The second Explorers Club event of this month went to the world RedRoses, which is a p50 world owned by Catwoman (#362936) and who is also from Germany. The world light settings of RedRoses has a light yellow tint, which does create a world with a different atmosphere than in other worlds. You can fly around in this world, but the world contains lots of objects, which might take some time to load into the cache of your computer. When entering the world, you will also notice the abundance of red flowerbeds.

The explorers Club

06 September - Tolculda is p40-sized world owned by Dachs (#130494), who is from Germany. The world exists already since 2006 but the world is still unknown to most of the citizens, not because the world has signs with german text , but rather because it isn't obvious to explore the entire world , because of some world settings.

The world conists of several islands and the main island is a kind of fantasy island, but there is a lot more to be seen , and this explorers club event was a big surprise for most of the visitors.

The explorers Club

09 August - This time the explorers outing went to the world Escapade , this world is owned and built by Cameleon (#380556) , also known as Ms Sue. She has built this world during several years and its a p40 fantasy world, containing castles, knights, wizards, swan boats, prehistoric birds ,etc. The world has a beautiful appearance with an entertaining experience, every different subject that can be visited has also a sound or melody to bring everything into the right atmosphere.

The explorers Club

19 July - The explorers club celebrates its 1 year birthday. This time they explore the world AWRome, this world has been built and owned by Jetta Lewis, who passed away in august 2013. The world still exists, just like his other popular worlds AWSchool and America. The world AWRome is a reconstruction of the ancient Rome . AWRome is a p100-sized world , but only the central area has been built. There has been involved a lot of modelling work, as there are few standard objects you can use to build up the Ancient Rome. It is also an unfinished world : you will still see a small object yard , and also a lot of pictures , used to make an exact copy of the buildings and temples. Anyhow,most of the common buildings are there and this world is a good representation of the Ancient Rome


The explorers Club

14 June - For this he explorers club event , we went to the world Minutia, which represents Victoria BCs famous "Miniature World" attraction celebrating 40 years in business by opening up this virtual portal . You will find different themes, such as Space 2201, Calgary village in the 1890s, Camelot and Gulliver Travels. The world has been built during 2.5 years with contributions from a number of highly skilled AW addicts ! Special guest for this event was Artist3d (#335158).


The explorers Club

17 May - The explorers club hosted by Keshi (#352322) invited us for a visit at TheLostWorld. The world is owned by Polypheme (#360879) who speaks french and who is an aw citizen for a long time. It's a world of wildlife with all kinds of dinosaurs, but there are more things to be discovered ....

The explorers Club

There has also been an explorers club event on 22nd of february.This event wasn't added yet in the AWTimes, but for those who want to contact the explorers club about a place that should be visited, they can first check here in the AWTimes editions, which places have already been visited before.

22 February - The Explorers Club did visit the world Alaska. This world is owned by Nattie (#356233) and Thunder Jack (#356351) .

The explorers Club

26 April - This time our explorers club host Keshi (#352322) brought us to the world Virlands. This world is a science fiction world , in fact it represents a space ship maintenance and repair center on a tiny asteriod. The world has been build and is owned by MaxPoly (#299422), who was special guest for this event. In 2008 he had won the AW Showcase Awards for this world.

The explorers Club

22 March - This explorers club event went to the world AWMyths. This is a RPG world (=Role Playing Game) and was founded in 2006. It's a world of elfs, draws, humans , orcs, ...etc. and it's RPG game about survival and fighting skills. Recently the world has become more popular again , as the world has extra support of 2 new caretakers.


  America : 5th Extreme Builders Talent Show

15 march - The Etreme Builders Talent Show has been ended on March 1st. Today the 3 winners of the EBTS5 have been revealed and will get a prize ::

1st James (#381405) 50$ + a p20 world
2nd Ozyseo (#368259) 30$ + 200 credits
3rd Oklahomatraveler (#391054) 20$

AWTimes has found quite a lot of buildings which are worth being published here.....

The explorers Club
  Yellow : Steam City

25 january - Steam City is a location in the world Yellow. Steam City is a big area, mainly built by Ozman(#357777) and Apooka(#363660). Their passion to build by making things that feel alive have had their influence over all the world of Yellow.

The explorers Club

11 january - Although there has been a Christmas party in Kitteths , the Explorers Club decided to come back to Kitteths to visit the rest of the world. Nitecap(#353442) is the world owner of Kitteths, and everything in this world is about cats, which are ruling their own life here and doing all kinds of human activities