29 November 2014 - 4 January 2015
  Winter : Winter Holiday Village III

This year there is again a Winter Holiday Village in the world Winter, starting from 29th november until 4th january 2015. For this 3rd edition of the Holiday Village, there is also a building contest with nice prizes to be won.

The village contains 4 areas with more than 100 building lots in total :
1. Main Street with the Winter Holiday Building Contest
2. Business Area with the Santas Workshop shops
3. Physics Park : "Physics in Toyland"
4. Residentual Area : Elves Way Homes
The Winter Holiday village III is located at : 636N 1956E , which is also the world entry point during this event. There is also another village gate on position 684N 1997E.
The Winter Holiday hosting team consists of :
Maxpoly (#299422)
Nursemom (#304857)
Bach Zhaa (#360197)
You can ask them for a building lot and they will activate building rights for you.
On position 636N 1973E you will find the Holiday Village map where you have the names of the builders and teleport links. And you will find information about the 4 themed building areas . On the map you will see other building areas which are located at the other side of the river.
On position 636N 1990E you will find the game rules for the building contest (= for Main Street) , as well as the building types you can use for this contest.
On postion 635N 1997E (the village centre) , you will find the contest prizes info. After the contest , the winners will be published here.
Building info
After having chosen a lot you can start to build, these are the sources you can use, just by typing these commands in the chat window :
web tools shows a web window with assist tools :
* chat * jumps * assets : object path list * radio * colors * textures : object yard display * events : Smaug's calendar * Google translate * upload : for images
* Some commands will show a submenu of this assist tools menu :
world files Gives full list of all world features and commands.
colorchart Color style chart for use on signs and objects.
chatcolor When on, World Global Chat color chart.
texture index Winter Wonderland's full texture index
<help shows the help menu
<village help will show this webpage
<radio shows the internet radio channels
<village map shows the village map
jump list shows a teleports list
old yard 223N 227W
new yard 702S 700W
cob yard 293N 238W
<worklight shows more light in building mode
after having responded <yes, the bot will allow you to build during 2 minutes with lights on. This is useful because there are day-night cycles in this world. You can also use the light brightness command or you can use zones , etc. .(but no corona's)
Winter picture uploader
The last option in the web tools menu is called "upload".

*If you want to use pictures from an external picture host like Imgur.com or Photobucket.com that's ok, and you can also save and upload your own images by using this tool so that these images will be archived in the Winter Image path. You can upload .jpg .gif and .png files.

After having uploaded you can use the image links on any picture or pictwll object.
* If you teleport to the previous Winter Holiday Villages , you will find a lot of images don't load anymore, but at that moment the picture uploader didn't exist yet. Now this picture uploader is operational and new picture links will be preserved.
* This utility is installed on the new website http://awlife.org/
Previous Winter holiday village areas
you can look for ideas at the previous Holiday Village events :
* Winter Holiday Village I (2010-2011) on position 715N 2032E
Village center : 714N 1986E * Object yards : 711N 1993E * Map 718N 1992E
* Winter Holiday Village II (2013-2014) on position 718N 1960E
* Winter Holiday village III (2014-2015) on position 636N 1956E
After this event, you will find here also the pictures of the best builds.....
Games and events in Winter Holiday Village
1. Candyland game
On position 635N 1972E , you will find the Winter Holiday Village map . By clicking upon "Candyland" you can change the map into the Candyland game board . This is a card game, click upon "shuffle"to the shuffle cards , then by clicking upon the cards, there will appear a card with one or more coloured sympbols, which will make you proceed the path of coloured symbols on the game map. By clicking upon the game map itself you get the panoramic view on the game map, and below you will see hud screens which make it easier to fly over the map. By pressing END you are again in the original camera view. Players proceed on the board with their avatar. The one who reaches first the end of the path wins the game.
2. Holiday village Parade
* On position 635N 1985E , you can view pictures about the Parade taken by Genevieve (#281719). The parade was organized on 21st and 28th december (see calendar). Also on Facebook , there are some pictures of the event.
* The parade ended on the Ice Rink created by Maxpoly (#299422) located on position 615N 1971E. Apparently the ice wasn't strong enough for the sleighs.
3. The Ice Rink Party
4. Mind Games
On the Ice Rink you will find the Activeworlds Music Center and the Dance Center with a wide range of dance sequences. And there is the Amphi Center, where the Mind Games are hosted.
5. Ice skating challenge

* There is also an ice skating challenge on the Ice Rink. Maxpoly activates the game by making the poles and other challenges visible on the ice rink. The purpose is to move between the poles and not hit stuff, jump the poles and get over the bridge without htting the arches.

6. Building event

* As mentioned above, the holiday village consists of several building zones. The Main Street is a building contest zone, but outside this area you will find some nice builds.

*639N 1983E - Bach Zhaa (#360197) - Ice skating area
*635N 2004E - Darkmatter (#342319) - Oscarville Town Hall
* 595N 2031E - Nursemom (#304857) - Candy House
* 592N 2050E - Ms T (#350468) - Winter Ice Works
* 574N 2028E - Bach Zhaa (#360197) - Game Board
* 617N 2012E - Oklahoma Traveler (#391054) - Physics Construction
* 591N 2036E - Bukka (#301389) - Reindeer Farm

7. Building contest

* On 11th of January 2015 there were the Winter Holiday Village Awards and Bach Zhaa (#360197) announced the 3 winners of the building contest , the 3 winners have won a world, a amount of credits, a winter globe trophy and terrain rights in Winter.

1st prize Iao Moonshadow (#358444) Oscarville Public Library
2nd prize Toxor (#391292) Oscarville Music Emporium
3rd prize Panne (#365962) Oscarville's Finest Bakery
All contest builds are located at Main Street on position 636N 1987E going to the north and to the outh.

There were still some other participants which have made a nice build and also had a big chance to win a prize with it :

Jessy-K(#404681) Who-Ville Elementary School
The King David (#381600) Le Tonneau Magique Restaurant
Invision (#366949) Cupcake and Donuts Bar


Now that the Winter Holiday Village event has ended, you can still view a panorama screen presentation of the nicest builds on position 634N 1959E. This presentation has been made by Maxpoly(#299422) one of the 3 hosts of this huge event.
You can also view this presentation on this webpage :