01 November 2014
  Earwax : Halloween After Party

Enkar(#279023) has hosted a nice Halloween event in his world Earwax. The Halloween area constists of a Halloween Castle with gardens and has been built by the world owner Enkar (#279023) and with the help of Lensman(#302479) , HCorion(#361844) and Mystic Fawn (#315103).

The whole garden and cemetary area has been built by Enkar himself and at the end you will also find the builders mausoleum. After having visited the mausoleum you can enter into the Horror Castle, where you will find spiders, and rooms with ghosts, skulls, skeletons, monsters, etc.

In one of the castle rooms there is a Halloween Ball room, decorated with Halloween gif's and PE's , and with exclusive drinks at the bar.

People @ this party : Enkar, Illumex, Sweets, TimMc, Hcgholden, SteveR, JessieK, Kristinand, Rad007 , Panne and Chromia .