31 October 2014
  Yellow : Halloween Ball
The Halloween Ball was in the world Yellow in the same building as last year on position 150S 1752E. The party was hosted by Ozman(#357777) and Apooka(#363660) and they are enjoy doing this event again , just like releasing their 3-monthly Yellow Gazette.

Apooka(#363660) was resonsable for the light studio buttons, creating nice light effects, whereas Ozman(#357777) was on the dancefloor dancing with all the guests. Music was played by radio PKToons.com.

Some people @ this party: Ozman, Nickywest, Sir Greendown, Tinkerbell91, Rain Man, DragonGolfer, Sovia, Smaug, Bach Zhaa, Judge Duvet, LizLiz, Keshi, Chumana, Apooka, Iao Moonshadow, Panne, Lady Dragon, TeenWolf, Veger , Rad007 and Earendil37.