25 October 2014
  AWReunion : Halloween Costume Ball

This is the first Halloween 2014 party, organized in the world AWReunion on position 284S 70E. The dance event was located in the Halloween 2014 Building area , and Nursemom(#304857) had built a haunted castle on her building lot and inside the castle there was a huge party dance floor.

People @ this party : Nursemom, Maxpoly, Mondo, Chumana, KittenWithClaws, Storm Raven, Grenden, Chocolateberry , Bach Zhaa, Sovia , Smaug, TeenWolf, DragonGolfer, Melody Wasp , Charley O, Darkfire&Ice, NickyWest, Lady Dragon, OklahomaTraveler, Rad007 , Mel , Erinroad , Old Kunnel, Enkii, DarkSize, Tinkerbell91, Panne, Rain Man , and Captain Pilot.