October 2014
  AWReunion : Halloween 2014 building event

The AW Community Meeting on 21st September was hosted in the world AWReunion, where all preparations have been made for the Halloween 2014 building event . The building event will last until Halloween, and there are 80 building lots , upon which you can build during those 6 weeks. Just ask for a building lot at the AWReunion staff. The Halloween village is located at 300S 1E and this remains the world entry point during the building event. AWReunion has a very large object path and you can choose from 3 object yards : the Tartsugar OY, the Woodyard OY and the AWReunion OY. So we expect a large variety of buildings, but of course it should remain a Halloween Theme. This building event is not a contest , but can be compared with the Winter Holiday Village, which was organized in december 2013. When this Halloween 2014 building event has ended, we will add here again some pictures of the nicest building lots....

044 - Blue Green Gem (#307543) at the entrance there was a pumpkin candle with fireflies and blue fog.

062- Darkfire&Ice (#316678) made this zombie barbecue

058- JessieK (#404681) made this haunted scarecrow

012 - Highwayman (#344338) : just a bit of fog makes it scary already

033 - Iao Moonshadow (#358444) : in one of the haunted buildings a giant eye is watching you....

057- Merry (#354759) made these cute flying dragons

039- Nursemom (#304857) made a fancy Halloween kitchen, all cupboards can be opened.

026- Smaug (#322639) used skeletons, ghosts and spiders, like this pendulating skull under a bridge

080 - Enkii (#363787) made a guided tour , which begins in a haunted manor-house , a passage brings us to the garden and into a second manor-house, from here you can go to another corridor which brings us to something you could describe as "Hell" and finally you will arrive at a cemetary.