9th August 2014
  Mind Games

Maxpoly (#299422) has started with a new game. After having tested the game during the CyAwards, the time has come to organize the first Mind Game evening. The game is played in a small building on coordinates 401N 403W in the world AWReunion. Inside the building there are seats for the participants, and a large screen with the questions, and the room itself is rather dark (i have brightened up the pictures a little bit), but with a dark game hall, all the concentration goes to the game itself.

The game was run with a bot , who launched 100 questions for all players, the first one who found the right answer gets a score : the sooner the solution was found, the more points you had : 10 points for an immediate answer.

The game is built up in the same style as GSK's "Who wants to be a millionaire"-game. There are sounds to announce each new question, and if the question has been solved and if not solved as well. And there are some light effects and camera view changes as well. And there is a small clock , which show the time left to solve this question.

There have been 2 games sets with 100 questions, with 2 different game rules.

In the first game, the bot showed words of which the first and last letter were missing. And the rule was that the 2 missing letters had to be the same letter. The first one who found the right solution gets 10 points or 9 points or.... all depending on the speed time that the solution had been found.

On this picture, the solution for the question _STAT_ was ESTATE , and was found immediately by Vralda Pavouk, who was also the final winner of the first game set.


In the second game set, the game bot gives you a "category" to which the word belongs to , and the bot showed only the first and last letter of the word, and so the letters in between were missing, and you need to try to find the right word. The second game was more difficult , because very often the question wasn't solved.

One example of the questions was :

Tell me if you know this word (Money) : p_ _ _ _ _ _ _ o.

The solution for this question : portfolio.

top3 players  
game1 game2
Vralda Pavouk - 473 pts Panne - 86pts
Chocolateberry - 179 pts CharleyO - 60 pts
Panne - 61pts Bach Zhaa - 56 pts

Some people @ this game event : Maxpoly, Vralda Pavouk, Chocolateberry, Panne, CharleyO, Bach Zhaa, Nursemom, Mel , Fog45, Snowkupp, Tiffany Lace, Bloody Rift, Highwayman, Woody, Smaug, Sovia, Chumana, Toxor , OklahomaTraveler, Tabitha, Harley2 and Keshi.

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