12th July 2014
  Cyawards 2014 Ceremony


On 20th of July, saturday night, there was the Cyawards Ceremony , where the CyAwards 2014 winners were revealed . The Community Awards event was hosted in the world CYAwards and there were up to 70 people watching the announcement of the nominations and the speaches of the winners. The ceremony presentation was hosted by Mel , and for each category, there was another person who announced the nominees and the winner. Before the event, there has been a rehearsal of this ceremony in a seperate world, so the event has been without any failures.

After the ceremony there has been a party in the CYAwards ballroom at 42S 2E.

These are the winners of the 2014 CYAwards : (website : http://cyawards.org/ )

Category Winner For :
1. Activities & Events Keshi The Explorers Club
2. World Design Nursemom AWReunion Building Community
3. Environmental Design Bach Zhaa Steampunk (AWReunion)
4. AW Participation Nursemom Best Leader
5. Educational Build Smaug AWSchool Interactive Tutorial
6. MyAWHome Stanley Teleports&Catacombs
7. Object&Image Design GSK Who wants to be a Millionnaire
8. Cy Spirit Award Mel  
9. Innovative Build GSK Who wants to be a Millionnaire
10. Innovative Effect TenYearsGone Happy Valley Nostalgia Park
11. People's Choice BachZhaa The Extreme Builders Talent Show
  Nursemom AW Spirit
12. Supportive Websites GSK AWCom.me
13. Lifetime Achievement Keshi  
14. Content Presentation Smaug AW World Magazine
15. Virtual Art Design Kuma Bear Bleakwood
16. Interactive Games GSK Who wants to be a Millionnaire