11th july 2014
  CySpirit Club Dance Party @ CYAwards

The Community Awards Ceremony weekend has started in CYAwards world .. On friday 11th July there was The CySpirit Club Dance Pre-Ceremony Party . The Spirit Lounge is located at 7N 24W. this party was quite a success with up to 40 people at the party.

Besides a bar full of spirits, there was also a bar in the center of the dance club. At the top of the central bar , there was a sign-panel showing which song was playing at that moment.

@ this party : Crazy Mars Man, Maxpoly, Minnie Mouse , Woody , Smaug , Nursemom, Tiffany Lace , Bach Zhaa, Genevieve, Tabitha , Buzzin, Class 3 , Jackson, Charley O, Belladora, Veger , Darkmatter, ORB , Ohioman, Toby Taylor, Fog 45, Mel, Melody Wasp, Tila Bocaccio, Lara, Doc1 , Panne, Tomas, Shadalyn, Kahless, Snowkupp , Chocolateberry, Lensman, Dylan, Boogieman1001 , Old Kunnel , Judge Duvet, Pastorbob, Vera , Tarza. , Melody Wasp, Toxor, Thunder Jack, Sweets, GSK , Illumex , Starheart and Stayit. And also (not on the pictures) : Joran, Rumpelstiltkin, Parrot, ...