28th June 2014
  AW Community Photograph

On 28th June2014 , Activeworlds exists 19 years , and just like the previous years, we celebrate this event with parties and with a Community picture..... Let's check who was in the world AWGate22 ....(as far as it is visible on the pictures : i found 78 persons)

Tarza, Wolvie, Lady Jarique, Alexaril, Sgeo , Toxor, CeeCee, Sophia Deer, Good Person, Uncle Wolfie, Zanna , Perra, Tiffany Lace, Eldredken, Darkfire and Ice, Catwoman, Tabitha, Yan , Edwin, Bloody Rift, Dovestar, LizLiz, Sweets , Nursemom, Arsene , Darkmatter, Ciena, Woody , Bach Zhaa, Cablecar Gal, Ozyseo, Blueridge Boy, MaxPoly, Nodoka, Chris D, Iao Moonshadow, Genevieve, Highwayman, President Fender, Mel , Fog45 , Duskbat, Red Sorceress, Stanly, Smaug, Chrysoprase , Chocolateberry, Kenneth, GSK , Vera, Foxmore o, Zombiefan , Mr Bob, CharleyO , Elphifou, Oklahoma Traveler, Stayjit, John1018, Orb , Bukka, Melody Wasp, Navajo, Plappo Mintybits, Alphaworldian, Shannon, Penny745, Ohioman, Tiffany, Alten, Belladora, Chef Kayla, Chalcedony Mao, Shadalyn, Wall , Buzzin, Bodhitah, avatarBTH and GC.