22nd March 2014
  AWSchool Party @ Club Satisfaction

The AWSchool team organizes often a party in their world. This time the party was in a brand new dance hall called Club Satisfaction, and has been built by OzySeo(#368269). And the party was a success again...

People @ this party : Newjundiaius, Chef Kayla, AceRun51, Vera , Ciena , Dragowing, McRider , KennyMcc, OzySeo, Red Sorceress , Genevieve, Veger , Belladora , Mita, Winter, Catwoman, Good Person, Tila Boccaccio, Vampire Queen1, Woody , Minnie Mouse, Smaug, Melody Wasp, Snowkupp, Keshi, Tomas, Tarza, Chocolateberry, Dylan, Sophia Deer, Ronscycle1 , ORB, Panne, CyberMuppet2, Bach Zhaa, Highwayman, James., Anan Seven , Mel , Straker, Tiiifany and Tabitha.