26th January 2014
  Memorial Service for Nitecap @ Defiancy


On 25th of January , everyone was shocked about the sudden death of Nitecap(#353442) . Nitecap died in her sleep on 24th of January . During that evening of the news, everybody went to her world Kitteths, first at the ship wreck, then at the spot where her avatar was still online, showing AFK status...but everyone knew then that she wouldn't return....


On 26th of January there has been a memorial service in the building world Defiancy in a church that RichX(#381555) had recently built on his building lot. Unfortunately , we can't show which citizens were at the memorial service, because world settings didn't show the avatar names. During the ceremony , you could hear the church clock, then there was spoken about Nitecap, telling how kind and helpful she was for everyone , and that she liked having fun. Then there was also 1 minute of silence (and without any chat). Finally there was also a song of AC/DC, which was her favourite band (she posted this on her Facebook page). After the ceremony , everyone was invited to go to the neighbouring building lot of Dylan which has become memorial area for Nitecap.



There has also been added a memorial place for Nitecap in the Memorial Sites Area (run by Nursemom(#304857) ) in Alphaworld. You can teleport to AW 10040N 18786E and you can stop by and put up a card or small build in her honour .