11th January 2014
  Party in Club Silhouette @ AWSchool


AWSchool is not only a world to learn to build, but often there is also a party in one the 3 clubs of this world. This party was organized in Club Silhouette located at 108N 64W, a club with a rather small , but nice mosaic dance floor. You had the MaxPro Dance System with several dance sequences, and there was a discobar and light studio (spots, bubbles, hearts ) served by NiteCap and TenYearsGone

Around the dance area you will find several nice lounge rooms , with posters of several "silhouettes" and on the 1st floor you will find some pool tables and you have a nice view upon the dance floor.


Some people @ this party : Nursemom, Mel, Fog45 , Keshi, Bach Zhaa, Karsten Da, Woody, Highwayman, Smaug, Chumana, Minnie Mouse , Nitecap , TenYearsGone, Dragowing, Alphaworldian , MaiaM1L, LadyEagleHeart, Panne and Tomas.