End of the year rave @ Funbox

GSK (#348037) organized did a makeover of the 2 successful events that he had organized in his world Funbox world this year. First there was a "who wants to be a millionaire" quiz, followed by a lasershow at the Tower of Terror when it was 00:00 VRT.




Some people @ this event : Futureghost, BenV, Gorian, Miranda01, Kitty Kat Kelsey, LadyEagleHeart, Nitecap , Jaguarsfan2004, TenYearsGone, Dylan, Jacob S, DjBare, Thorklein, Tsukasa, ShamMoo, Wolvie, Benny25 , Panne, Rod57 , GSK , Doc Brown, Jesse Rose, Dodgy, Ronscycle1, Lana Del Rey, Jak Fox, Tomas, Winter, Mikey1714 and ORB.