29 November 2014 - 4 January 2015
  Winter : Winter Holiday Village III

This year there is again a Winter Holiday Village in the world Winter, starting from 29th november until 4th january 2015. This time there is also a building contest with nice prizes to be won.

The village contains 4 areas with more than 100 building lots in total :
1. Main Street with the Winter Holiday Building Contest
2. Business Area with the Santas Workshop shops
3. Physics Park : "Physics in Toyland"
4. Residentual Area : Elves Way Homes

  01 November 2014
  Earwax : Halloween After Party

Enkar(#279023) also hosted a nice Halloween event in his world Earwax. The Halloween area constists of a Halloween Castle with gardens , cemetary and mausoleum. When entering the Horror Castle, where you will find spiders, and rooms with ghosts, skulls, skeletons, monsters, etc. and there is a party room as well...

  31 October 2014
  Yellow : Halloween Ball

The Halloween Ball was in the world Yellow in the same building as last year on position 150S 1752E. The party was hosted by Ozman(#357777) and Apooka(#363660) and they are enjoy doing this event again , just like releasing their 3-monthly Yellow Gazette.

  25 October 2014
  AWReunion : Halloween Costume Ball

This is the first Halloween 2014 party, organized in the world AWReunion on position 284S 70E. The dance event was located in the Halloween 2014 Building area , and Nursemom(#304857) had built a haunted castle on her building lot and inside the castle there was a huge party dance floor.

  21st September - 31st October 2014
  AWReunion : Halloween 2014 building event

The AW Community Meeting on 21st September was hosted in the world AWReunion, where all preparations have been made for the Halloween 2014 building event . The building event will last until Halloween, and there are 80 building lots , upon which you can build during those 6 weeks. Just ask for a building lot at the AWReunion staff. The Halloween village is located at 300S 1E and this remains the world entry point during the building event. AWReunion has a very large object path and you can choose from 3 object yards : the Tartsugar OY, the Woodyard OY and the AWReunion OY. So we expect a large variety of buildings, but of course it should remain a Halloween Theme. This building event is not a contest , but can be compared with the Winter Holiday Village, which was organized in december 2013. When this Halloween 2014 building event has ended, we will add here again some pictures of the nicest building lots....

  04th September 2014
  Russian Roulette

The game Russian Roulette has been organized already since July , and each month there is a new game. The game is created and hosted by GSK(#348037) , who also hosts the game "Who wants to be a Millionaire" . The questions in this game is a bit similar, but instead of 1 player, there are several players competing against eachother, and after each round, 1 player gets out of the game . The game is organized monthly in the world Aurora and each game event is announced on the calendar (developed by Smaug) and also on the Activeworlds Facebook groups. Next game is on Saturday 4th October at 8 pm VRT.

  9th August 2014
  Mind Games

Maxpoly (#299422) has started with a new game. After having tested the game during the CyAwards, the time has come to organize the first Mind Game evening. The game is played in a small building on coordinates 401N 403W in the world AWReunion. Inside the building there are seats for the participants, and a large screen with the questions, and the room itself is rather dark, so all the concentration goes to the game itself.

  13th July 2014
  CyAwards : Aztech Rising live concert

On Sunday 13th July 2014 at 16:00h VRT, there has been a live concert in the world Cyawards, by the band Aztech Rising . They have already performed before in Activeworlds in 2006, now there is a new occasion to enjoy of a live concert of this band.


  12th July 2014
  CyAwards 2014 Ceremony

On 20th of July, saturday night, there was the Cyawards Ceremony , where the CyAwards 2014 winners were revealed


  11th July 2014
  CySpirit Club Dance Pre-Ceremony Party
The CYAwards Ceremony weekend has started in CYawards world . On friday 11th July there was The CySpirit Club Dance Pre-Ceremony Party . This event was located in the Spirit Lounge at 7N 24W. This party was quite a success with up to 40 people at the party.


  29th June 2014
  Boat Parade @ AWReunion

On 29th of June, there was the Boat Parade in the world AWReunion. The boat trip was located in the new building zone of AWReunion, called "Winding River Heights" (see map) ( 268N 46E) , which is an excellent location for a boat parade.


  28th June 2014
  AW 19th Birthday Party @ Winter

On 28th June2014 , Activeworlds exists 19 years . After the Community Picture, everyone was invited for the Activeworlds Birthday Party in the world Winter.

  28th June 2014
  AW Community Photograph @ AWGate22

On 28th June2014 , Activeworlds exists 19 years , and just like the previous years, we celebrate this event with parties and with a Community picture.....

  13th June 2014
  TGIF-Party @ AWReunion

Here another article about the weekly TGIF (Thank Goodness It's Friday) parties in the world AWReunion. Very often the parties are organized on other locations in this huge world.

  17th May 2014
  Adult Acronym Game @ Focus

During the TGIF parties in the world AWReunion, they often play the Acronym Game. The game consists of making words with the abreviations which were given by the game bot. Each contestant can give 1 or more answers. Then all contestants you can vote for the best answer. The partipant with the highest score wins the game.

This game has always been fun , and this time , in the world Focus the game had adult content, and the game was fun too :)

  22nd March 2014
  AWSchool Party @ Club Satisfaction

The AWSchool team organizes often a party in their world. This time the party was in a brand new dance hall called Club Satisfaction, and has been built by OzySeo(#368269). And the party was a success again...


  15th March 2014
  GK Party @ GKHelp

On 15th of March they was a party organized by the Activeworlds GateKeepers, in the world GKHelp . The party is announced as GK Open House St.Patty's Party and it was a huge success.

  22nd February 2014
  Who Wants to be a Millionaire @ Funbox

GSK(#348037) organized in Funbox again a new Millionaire game, and at the same time celebrated the 10th anniversary of the game. The game is complete by sing the game tunes, spots lights, changing colors of the studio walls, camera zoom effects, public voting, etc....

For this 10th anniversary, LtBrenton(#355399) was hosting the game, and he was also sponsoring the game by giving real prizes and credits for the winning gamers.

  14+15th February 2014
  Valentine Party @ AWReunion

On Friday there is the TGIF party in AWReunion as usual, but now dedicated to Valentine. And this continued the whole weekend with the February Birthday party in AWReunion as well.

  13th February 2014
  Valentine Party @ AWMix07

Valentine is a special event to celebrate, parties started already on thursday in the world AWMix07 were you have The Ritz dance hall.

  26th January 2014
  Memorial Service for Nitecap @ Defiancy

On 25th of January , everyone was shocked about the news that Nitecap had passed away. During that evening, everybody went to her world Kitteths, where her avatar was still online, showing AFK status...but everyone knew she wouldn't return. On 26th of January there has been a memorial service in the world Defiancy in a church that RichX had recently built...


  18th January 2014  
  AWReunion birthday party

Each month, there is a birthday party in the world AWReunion for the citizens who have their birthday during that month...

We have a look and see how such as party is organized ....

  11th January 2014  
  Party in Club Silhouette @ AWSchool

AWSchool is not only a world to learn to build, but often there is also a party in one the 3 clubs of this world. This party was organized in Club Silhouette, with a rather small dance floor, but with several lounge rooms.

  3rd January 2014
  New year party @ AWReunion

The first party of 2014 was the TGIF-party in AWReunion world, theme was of course the new year, the party took place at yet another dance area.

Some people @ this party : Chocolateberry, Karten, Zombiefan, Alphaworldian, LadyEagleHeart, Mel , Fog45, Maia M1L , 3rd Rock, Panne, BlueRidge Boy, and Dirvish Heinkel.

  31st December 2013
  End of the year rave @ Funbox

The second event was organized by GSK (#348037) : And this was a makeover of the 2 successful events organised by in Funbox world this year. First there was a "who wants to be a millionaire" quiz, followed by a lasershow at the Tower of Terror when it was 00:00 VRT.


  31st December 2013
  New years eve party @ America

There were 2 parties at new years eve, and both seemed to be equally successful, the first party was that one in America, organized by Ciena (#270697). This party was purely for having a good party and having fun ...

  28th December 2013
  December birthday party

We still look back to the parties organized between Christmas and the new year. The first party was on saturday 28th december in the world AWReunion, celebrating their monthly birthday party....