Winter : Holiday Park

The 7th Explorers Club went to 2 locations . The first location is Holiday Park in the world Winter, which is a Christmas building area. It's also the actual world entry point of Winter : 715N 2036E.

As the buiding area was a building contest area during december 2010- january 2011, you will find high quality builds in this area of Winter.

Holiday Village has also a village map. One of these maps is at the village centre area at 718N 1992E. Some contestant had there own theme building : a theatre, a clothes shop , a bakery, a grocery, a toy store, a bank, a post office, a railway station, a candy store , a club , a church, a sea port , a mansion, a tavern , and also the building lots of all other participants around these buildings . For each building on the map there is a teleport link.

Most of the buildings are christmas themes : you will find snowmen, santa clauses and reindeers, gingerbread houses, christmas trees, nutcrackers , etc. As Winter is a building world, you can right-click upon each object and use ideas for your world...

Finally everyone gathered at the Holiday Village center at 714N 1985E , where we took some group pictures with the Christmas glass ball in the background at 714N 1985E. In the Holiday Village central square you can see which builds have won the contest.