The world Mythopia is a fantasy genre world, bursting with natural settings, flowing water, and sounds that enhance the experience.

Mythopia is a p50 sized world, and Starheart (#354303) runs this world already since 2003. In 2010 he has won a CY award with this world and he also received a lifetime achievement award. Starheart can be called the best modeler in the Activeworlds universe, and most of the models that you can find in this world are for sale on his website : http://www.sh3d-design.com

In Mythopia you will find a lot of castles, medieval or oriental , chapels , monestaries,..etc Most of the models here are very big, and on the website you can see that these are all for sale as building sets. This means that you can buy and build those in your own world, but the shape or presentation will be different.

On the website of Starheart, you can also find a large number of freeware models, and some interesting tutorials and links.

The world also contains victorian villages and railway tracks, not really medieval things, but as you know the world Mythopia contains all kind of objects that Starheart has been modelling during these years : greenhouses , plants and trees, but also movers (bikes, boats, carriages , and avatars (horses, knights, musicians,etc..).

A lot of visitors were in the Viction Village , where some barrels had physics in their action command, so everyone tried to push those barrels into the boats which were just in front of the barrels.

There is also a teleport center which brings you to most of the castles, but also to some gardens , ponts , and teleports to panoramas such as cascades and also a splendid wine table presentation.

And finally, there are also a fantasy models , such as treehouses, swan boats, mushroom houses and avatars .....


Finally the list of the people , most of which you can see on the pictures of this webpage : : Starheart (as special guest) , Keshi , TenYearsGone, NY Giants, Nitecap, Ciena, Panne, Bach Zhaa,Vera, Catwoman, Draconis, Cablecar Gal, Pchard, Earthcritter, Red Sorceress, Minty, Genevieve, Chocolateberry and Stayit.

Thanks for coming :)