Regina Down

The world ReginaDN is owned by Karten (#315184) , and he is an Activeworlds citizen for many years, and he is the special guest for this 5th explorers club event.

The world is based on a world in the traveller RPG adventure universe, the world is a park island representing several theme areas around the island.

There are quite a lot of objects in this world, so you need some patience until all objects have been downloaded. In this world , you can right-click upon the objects, so this means you can view all building commands in view of improving your own building skills.

At the entry point of the world you will find an abundance of information , teleport links , movers , etc. The building at the left contains information about the content of the world : where the world theme got its inpiration from. You will also find a world map and an Cy Award for best bot scripting.

When going further , you will see 4 tour taxis , which are server controlled movers (right-click upon a mover icon to look how Karten has made the waypoints ). The mover will bring you through the world based upon those waypoints. If you want to stop you can do this by pressing the F12-key.

You can also try out the GZ cam. If you want to stop this, you press the END-key.

There is also a monorail : the monorail is based upon a sequence of "bump warp" -commands.

Karten has won an award for bot scripting. Bots are indicated with square brackets : at GZ you will see the [Port Guard] , there is a bus driving around in the world called [Regina Metro]. And you will find a tourbot walking around called [Skelly Tone] . There is also a railway with a train (regina central) driving around the world. When the train needs to cross a road, then barriers along the street will go down automatically , when the train passes along.


This is also a large world (p40) , but by flying around you will be able to explore it easily , as you will recognize a lot of Homepage world themes : gallery , business, toon, roman , egyptian, western, medieval, fantasy, science fiction , and in the harbour you will find the atlantis theme underseas with mermaids diving around.

The nice thing about this world is that Karten has been able to put together all these homepage themes into a varied and themed world . But you still find a lot of original ideas and other objects , it's not just an object yard of the Homepage themes, like you can find in the world Uberpath.

At position 9N 21E you will find another building with a detailed map with an indication of all the points of interest in this world.

There is also a nice railway network in this world, with several nice railway stations, a lot of those models are from the website Pelican3d.com. If you also like to use railways, you can download a Pelican set for free in the world Uberpath. On the website of Pelican3d.com you can also find some free models and tutorials.


Finally the list of the people enjoying this wonderful event (only those on the pictures) : Keshi , Karten, TenYearsGone, NY Giants, Nitecap, OID KuNnEl , Ciena, Plappo Mintybits, Panne, Bach Zhaa, Cablecar Gal, Amircoot, Zanna, Highwayman, Dovestar and Abhi.

Thanks for coming :)

Next Explorers Club events are on 2nd November and 23rd November.