America Fun Park

This was the 4th trip of the Explorers Club : America Fun Park. This is only a small part of the world America.

When entering the America world, you can also read in the intro message that the founder of the world America , Jetta Lewis, has died a few weeks ago. At the same time we commemorate this great AW-citizen .

As soon as you arrive at America Fun Park, you can hear the music announcing something great to visit, expressing the new AW revival after the switch of June 2013.

The Fun Park has also become the new landing zone point of the world America.

The Fun Park is a recent build, made in july and august by a team of builders, under the name of American Builder (#197243).

At the entrance you can see who helped realizing this Fun Park:

Ciena (#270697) Bach Zhaa (#360197)
MC Rider (#286001) Ewasx (#279023)
Apooka (#363660) NY Giants (#179751)

When you arrive finally in the park , you will see a wide range of stalls each with a different fairground attraction : rabbit hunt, frop jump, a mirror maze, cotton candy, dunk tank, basket game, barbecue ,....

Some attractions are all small , simple games and are funny to try out.

But there are of course rides and other large attractions in the amusement park. Everyone seemed to enjoy the boxing cars . Also the Mouse Ride was very popular.

In this cental area you can find a lot of other attractions : the turning teaset , the rocking boat, a classic rollercoaster, a mini golf , go-carts , motorcycling rides , space warp , the big wheel, a concert area, a helicopter ride ...etc.

Outside the central fun park area, there the American Builders Team added some special attractions, some of which are real masterpieces.

The jungle safari boat certainly hasn't been built in 1day. This ride which takes 7 minutes will bring you through a realistic jungle of exotic plants and all kinds of safari animals.

Other special attractions are the Mine cart ride, the Crazy fun house and the Tunnel of love. And there is also Charlottes Web : here you can ride the spider Charlotte and follow the web she has spun inside the barn.

Here we can see here Keshi announcing the next Explorers Club event, which will be on 12th october.

Finally the list of the people enjoying this wonderful event (only those on the pictures) : Keshi , Chef Kayla, Red Sorceress, Chocolateberry, Genevieve, Abhi, Tiramoon, TenYearsGone, Fonzerally, Ciena, Ronscycle1, BachZhaa, Panne, Israel Richards, Arsène and NY Giants.