Canyon : River Crest Canyon

The world owner of Canyon is Red Sorceress (#343925) and she runs this world already for several years.

When entering the 3D world of Canyon, you will see a wall with a wide range of teleports: this world is quite big , it's a p70 (70 cells into each direction, or 1 960 000 square metres in total) . As Red Sorceress has her world already for several years, she has expanded her world several times , and add each time a lot of nice places that you can visit.

There is no object selection in this world , so you can't see how the objects or the entire landscape has been built . But fortunately , there is a very helpful website :

Red Sorceress has her own website which you will see when entering the world or by pressing the F7-key.


You will see a list of all places that you can visit and below the webpage, you can go to her webpage with midi music and noises and also to her models webpage : there you will find free models, free textures,and other useful utilities and also a tutorial about modeling with truespace3 : Red Sorceress makes her models herself and she wants it to give this knowledge to all of us.


On the website you can also find a welcome page , where Red Sorceress talks about the content of her world and where you can read that she has this world since 2002.


7N 4W Gazebo - You will find a lot of nice models like this gazebo and the flowers. (For teleporting please add each time 10a in order to stay above the ground : 7N 4W 10A).

You will find at most of the builds a sign-panel with information about the build : when it was built, what has been preserved and what has been added, so there is no need to explain a lot on this webpage :) . At every location you will has also hear other sounds (water, wind,..) and other melodies...

15N 8E Game Arena

26S 9E Helm's Deep - Nice reconstruction of this scene of Lord of the Rings. You can explore the fortress and try out to explode the wall.

21S 36E - A lot of houses here seem to be like from some kind of Tolkien story...

12S 64E - Truespace Class : Red Sorceress offers Truespace3 Lessons , which you can download here in PDF-format. Or you can go to her website for that too.

7S 4W - The General Store was the original location for the Model Center , until the expansion to a p40-world in june 2005

32N 34E - Model Center: dowloads of free models of Red Sorceress

20S 25W - Interior of the Lost Temple

35S 11W - One of the many Watch Towers

21S 50W - Water Mill

35S 44W - Dock and Lighthouse - built in 2007.

27S 32W - Maiden Harbour

9S 36W - Time Keeper : showing clock animations

1S 42W - Object set (walls, stairs, fences) : Free download

28N 50W - Ice Tower

37N 24W - Mountain Castle - Huge castle

17N 10W - High Keep - Large building inside the mountain where you will find a prison and torture rooms : see yourself being cut into half !

10S 17W - Dark Tower - Tolkien-inspired building with nice PE-show inside, go to the eye to get a panoramic view...

4N 28W - The Elements - Inside the buildings you can see a video about the power of each element.

4N 12W - Entrance of the Dragon's cave

56S 14E - South Town : this is undoubtedly the best modelled part of the Canyon world, not only the buildings outside, but also a lot of nice models inside !! The models inside only start to load when entering each building..

54S 21E - At this place you will find an alchemist's shop, a bakery, an arms blacksmith and a carpet weaver

61S 23E - Pub

48S 21E - Market place with sales of cheese, meat, fruits, carpets , vases and bread.

66S 22E - Carabine shooting stand

26N 9E - Misty Hollow - With zones you can make dark areas in your world.

40n 8E - The Heavens - Inside this huge building there is a wonderful 3D planetarium

58N 48E - Amphiteater Chariot Races

54N 57W - The Enchanted Forest - Hobbit houses

55N 29W - The Enchanted Forest - Trunk and Mushroom houses

44S 50E - Dwarf Mine - At the end of the mine, you can still find 2 other nice rooms

27S 1E - Nice building with Andalusian style elements.

46N 28E - Lake house

7S 24E - StarGate Pyramid - (interior)

7N 46E - Domino field

10N 25E - Temple entrance which you can also find in the world The Challenge This world was the participating Gamefest-world in 2010 of Red Sorceress.

13S 21E - Clock Tower : every hour on the hour there is an avatar animation by using the timer command.

64N 10E - My Imagination : this is the newest build in the world Canyon, and it's just like a fairground attraction . Just by clicking on the boat, you will make a ride about the experiences of Red Sorceress during 10 years in Activeworlds : from her migration in 2001, she started several activities : caretaker , watchkeeper, teaching truespace, citbingo , the worlds Canyon and Challenge with pictures in the newsletters, avatar modelling, and of course all her friends she got here. And finally a short presentation of what you can see in Canyon. Well done , Red Sorceress !!

There are still a lot of other nice builds which aren't on this webpage, because the world is a p70 world. After 3 hours of exploration in this wonderful world, the Explorers Club finally decided to take a picture of the whole group , and they gathered on the bridge near the Canyon waterfall.

25S 4W - Canyon bridge - There were several photographers, so we can still tell you who was there : Looking4BN, Sidris, Sgeo , Smaug, Keshi, Red Sorceress , Cablecar Gal, Nursemom, Ciena, perra , panne, Genevieve, LadyEagleHeart, TenYearsGone, Nitecap, Vera, ORB , Zanna , Chrysoprase, Draconis,...

You can view other pictures of the event on AW facebook.