Zion Epic Trilogy

This is the second location that has been chosen by the Explorers Club. The Zion Epic Trilogy is located in Alphaworld : AW 25348N 31302E 12a (= at an altidude of 120 metres) and has been built by Seiya Faye. This area has been build in 2002. At this time the AW version was still version 3.4 , when particle emitters and movers still didn't exist. But in spite of that , it still remains an interesting location to be visited.

When arriving on this location , you will see that the Zion Epic Trilogy is divided into 3 separate zones , to which you can teleport.

You can notice that the area has been built in 2002 : sprites and masks , and also midi music and noises were used a lot that time. The builder of this area, Seiya Faye , has passed away 2 years ago (in september 2011), so unfortunately she isn't there anymore to assist at the visit of the Explorers Club. As she has built in the world AW, everything has remained as it was. And it is clear that she was a skilled builder : no lagging at all on any object, and symmetrical perfection on those areas where it was needed, and a good choice of textures and colours.

The first thing you will see are the huge green walls around the areas that you will see, just as if they were huge hedges.


Arriving at the Zion 1 area, you will read about the 3d-story about Ziona..., in fact it's a kind of RPG-game or a kind of story that you are reading or exploring.... Here you can read about how you can experience this place you will visit... and it is better to read the this introduction before starting to explore .

You can choose to explore between "Organic Dreams" or "Silver Kiss" , the first choice choice brings you into a forest made with cylinders and rocks (instead of the standard tree objects).


Along the path there will appear constantly panels with messages, in order to make a real 3D "epic" story : "Hey , you must be the guardian here to look after me...I am Ziona :) . I really love forests , i wonder what's ahead".

The sign-panels become visible with the bump trigger-command , this is when your avatar bumps against an invisible wall which makes appear these signs. Nowadays, there is also the say-command , whichs put the story-info into the chat window. In 2002 the say-command didn't exist yet in the 3.4 version.

The second area is called "Silver Kiss", when entering you can click upon a panel to hear the Silver Kiss midi-music. This area has a futuristic look, with solar panel, ufo-shaped buildings, spots, objects and tubes with metal look , etc....

A great part of the lights you can see here are coronas , which are very bright at a large distance. Particle emitters didn't exist yet in the aw version 3.4 in 2002.

In this epic story, a lot of imaginary names are used for the buildings : Starbuilds Church of the World, the Aquatic Sub Lab, the Lumanetic Core, the Robotics Sub Lab, the Orbinautics Display ...etc . . And you also arrive at the "Akromin Nexus Pyramid" , where you will find a staircase that leads you towards a gate where you need to pass through, then you arrive at a place with an abundance of light, just as if you would be in Heaven, and where you can read the rest of the story. Now it's time to teleport back and go to the Zion 2 area.

At Zion Epic II you also have extended information, that you should read first before starting to explore the Zion Epic II area. Zion Epic (ZE) is AW's first fully interactive 3-D short story themed environment, invented by Seiya Faye.

In Zion Epic II , you have the story about Ziona and Zio, and it's about choosing between the good path or path of darkness. When arriving at the first square you can choose between 3 paths : Radiant Kiss, Frozen Dreams and Forever Maximus.

When choosing the "Frozen Dreams" path, you walk through an frozen landscape, you will see both blue signs and red signs : the blue signs are those of what Ziona says, the red signs are these of what Zio says. Both try to lead you to their destination : either you follow the path of Ziona or the path of Zio.

If you click upon the flower of Ziona, you will be teleported in a bright atmosphere with a happy melody, the flower of Zio will teleport you to a dark atmosphere with dark music.

Next path is "Radiant Kiss" : here you will find a futuristic atmosphere : spherical and pyramid constructions, geometric compositions, ufo shapes , robots , coccoons ,etc. Also here you arrive at some "battery" objects to click upon : some are evil , some are good.

As you can see, there is a big variety of creations : objects and shapes , textures , colours , lights : but all of this has been built with standard objects....

As the Zion Trilogy is located in the building world Alpaworld, you can right-click and use the shift key to go through the objects and watch how the things have been built by Seiya Faye. She used the standard objects of AW , but also the standard textures and masks, with barely any external website links : that's why most of what you see here have been preserved well after 10 years. You can still use a lot of her items and ideas to use in your own builds : this is the best learning school !


The third path of Zion Epic II is "Forever Maximus" where you will see a lot of temple-shaped buildings and cloudy spaces... Also here you will need to choose between good or evil : the Road of Darkness or the Valley of Light...
In Zion Epic III you are exploring as being Ziona's guardian. In this Epic III zone you will read about conversations between Ziona and Dr.Zio and you will also read about a mysterious people (on gold signs)., and read what Ziona could really do...

For those who came to the Eplorers Club Event : you might be "in the spotlight" and appear on this webpage (or in a future event). The citizens who you will find on the pictures for this event : Keshi, Orb, Nitecap, TenYearsGone, Zephyrus, Genevieve, Bach Zhaa, Chrysoprase, Dvdhers and Edwin.

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