Funland Game

Funland_Game was originally a "Gamefest" world , this was a world that has participated at the Game Festival of 2010. The purpose of that festival was to make a world with a working game. The world has received a prize and after the festival, the world "Gamefest13" had remained and had changed its name into the world "Funland Game". As you can read in the forum archive about the Game Festival, the Funland Game was made by Nursemom, so she was the special guest on this first Explorers Club Meeting. During that Game Festival , Nursemom had a team of builders to assist her : The team leader was NurseMom with a committee of Bach Zhaa, Keshi, Liz Liz and Buzzy. You can still read about the Game Festival of 2010 in the forums archive.


You can start playing this crystal game , which several quests : you need to start to cross these crystal bridges : not easy at all , but you can always try it out.

If you don't manage to get through , you can choose to teleport to the kaleidoscope area, where you can see some fantastic landscapes and creations.


One of the other games is called "Labyrinths Web", a labyrinth which you enter by riding upon your own spider : Click upon one of the spiders at the labyrinth entrance and start to explore the labyrinth, you will see bats, spider webs, monsters and ghosts ...

The spiders are "movers" : you ride upon them by just clicking the spider, if you want to stop there are 3 solutions : press the F12-key, click upon the "detach-movers"-icon of the toolbar, or you change camera position with the END-key and you click again upon the spider.

You can also use other movers : either you can fly with a plane or phoenix bird or take a kayak, dolphin or jetski and navigate at high speed upon the water. Try to follow the Jet Ski Course . At some places you will be on wild water, at other places into the fog.

Or for those who don't like to drive, they can have a drink at the Tikibar near the jetskis or enjoy a sushi meal alongside the jetski beach area.

There is still "Creepy caverns quest" game, in which you need to save a baby dragon. The entrance of the hidden cave is located between these 2 cones. Here you will find several obstacles where you have to pass through in order to get to the baby dragon : lava fields, spiders , snakes, axes , etc...

The first Explorer's Club event has been very succesful. Read more about it on the AW Forum:: http://forums.activeworlds.com/read.php?6,361366

You can read more about the Explorers Club on the webpage "Communities & People".