AW Reunion : Bling Bash Party

In the world AWReunion, there were dancing and games on friday 27th september with the Bling Bash Party. This party means the start of the Bling Building Event in AWReunion ,where you can build your own Bling Theme for the next monts.

On location 404S 397W you will also find a 3D calendar of all the events in AW for every month. The 3d calendar is a presentation of activities which have been announced in the several AW sources of information (telegrams, AW Forum, Facebook groups, etc.), The 3d calendar has been started in September 2013 and as you can see there are a lot of planned events. Just as the calendar here in AWTimes, the AWReunion tries to show us all announced events.


At the entrance point of the Bling Builing Event, you will find a teleport center for the 50 building lots. You will also find there a teleport to the bling object yard, with the typical glittering objects you can use and also a website for textures : http://qrmgraphics.net/QueenRamelWeb/qrm_glitters/index.html

The AWR Staff (Nursemom, BachZhaa, Mel and Woody) will grant you a building lot if you need one. Build your own theme and "Pimp it Up", "Bling your own theme" . "Bling" doesn't always mean for things to glitter and sparkle : Make you builds outrageous and farout in your own way. Here some pictures of the builds in the Bling Theme Area . Lots of glittering objects may cause lag and the framerate will be very low in some areas, so we advise you to choose a low visibility.

Nursemom - Ritz

Highwayman - Sparkle Palace

Mel - Bling farm




Smaug - Dragon building


Sidris - Jade palace

MelodyWasp - Wasp tree

Nursemom - TGIF Castle Club

Nursemom - Interior

Plappo Mintybits - Renaissance palace

Plappo Mintybits - Interior

Bling clothes

Bling Bash Party

There was also the TGIF- Bling Bash Party which was organized at the Bling Castle Club. Highwayman (#344338) did upload some pictures about this party , so i added a few of them here as well.

Some people @ this party : Highwayman, Smaug, BachZhaa, Nursemom, Audacious, Woody, Chocolateberry, Catwoman, AussieTiger, Sweets , Trevorl , Cameleon, Mel, Fog45, Raleigh66 , LeglizHemp, Tila Boccaccio, Zombiefan, TobyTaylor, Avantor, Ohioman, Gollypop, and Dovestar.