Kenneth's Opening Party in Kenneth

On 9th November , Kenneth organized a party in his world Kenneth, celebrating the opening of his world. The world Kenneth is a p20 and consists of nearly 2000 trees and shrubs, with some paths crossing the area, one path arriving at a lake where you have a boat mover. There are also some brilliantly built animals with standard objects.

There are only a few buildings in the world and two of the few buildings dedicated to Nasa Telescope Pictures, pictures which he made himself. And there is also a small dance area with balconies for the party event....

People who visited this event : Kenneth, Minty, Bach Zhaa, Nitecap, Good Person, , Dragowing, Zanna, Perra , Sweets , Lady Jarique, Alexaril, TenYearsGone, Mike, Panne, Catwoman, Trystan, Spyro, Woody, Highwayman, Donna, TobyTaylor, Zephyrus, MatthewW,Flynny, Tumbley, LizLiz, Nursemom, Smaug, Wingrider, Vera and Mel.