AWReunion : TGIF parties

The AWReunion world team organizes every friday a TGIF party, meaning "thank god it's friday" , making each time a good start for the weekend. We went for a look at the TGIF party on 1st november.

This party was located on position 56N 77E , at a place called "The Zoo Diner Sock Hop Club" : the dance hall is located behind the Diner Restaurant and behind the AWReunion Zoo.

The restaurant has a 60s-style look and you will find delicious pizza's and hamburgers...


The dance hall itself has the same retro 60s look as the Diner restaurant, you will find spinning records on the floor mentioning "Rock and Roll" and "Solid Gold", and some pictures reminding of the 60s are surrounding the place. At the edge of the floor, you can choose between a lot of 60s-style dance sequences : The Fonz , Elvis Shimmy, Jim Dandy, Sha Boom , Twilight, Be Bop a Lula, Boogie Woogie, Peggy Sue, Potsie Shuffle, Blueberry Hill, ....etc.


People which visited this event : Mel , Fog45 , Zephyrus, Nattie, Panne, Bach Zhaa, Highwayman, Nursemom, Woody, Flynny, Mayor Eric John, Miranda01, Estella, Ronscycle1 , Smaug, Lazysuzy, James B, Princess Moon, Stayit, Zombiefan, Dovestar, Dazzle, Tomas, TenYearsGone, illumex , Kyle6612, Ricebowler, Celery, Shamoo, Pinkypie, Avantor...