Funbox : Who wants to be a Millionaire

On July 20th, GSK (#348037) has restarted with his succesful game "Who wants to be a millionaire". Last year, the game was organised in the world Airpark. But this time he has organized his game in the world Funbox2 in the universe AW-Europe, where GSK uses the name Mark. AW-Europe runs with the same Activeworlds browser, but still uses version 5.0 , the program must be downloaded separately by going to the website Aw-Europe.com. You can run both programs (Activeworlds and AW-Europe ) at the same time on your computer.

In spite of the fact that the game was organized at the same time when the Explorers Club has started for the first time, there were up to 25 simultaneous visitors in the world and up to 30 in the AWE universe. And nearly all visitors have had the chance to participate at the game .

Everyone was very enthousiastic to participate, the game hall is a nice modern building with enough space to fly around, a wide area for the public and mover-seats for the participants, .... .

This game also uses hud screens , and the public also had the chance to vote when the participant used the help line of the public, and we saw the statistics about those votes . There were a little bit of (bot)problems with the hudscreens, but we can say that the game was very well organized. There were also camera-effects ,camera zooms , appropriate lightening, constantly changing spots and lightening on the scene, and there was the appropriate quiz music , just as if it was a real tv program.

Everyone has thanked Mark for making this wonderful game, and hopefully there will followe a new game soon.

As the world Airpark has expired last year, GSK has decided to start in Activeworlds with a new world : Funbox (= the same name as his world in AW-Europe). So the next game could be again in Activeworlds. The purpose of the Funbox world however, is not to focus on the remake of this TV game, but in future, there will also be other games.


Finally a list of the people which participated at this event , most of them were tourists, because the game was organized in the Aw-Europe universe.



Some of the participants : Mark(=GSK) , Ben , Edwin, Cube3 , Chrispeg, SW Chris, Oliver, Lewis, Squoodle, Ninjaturtledude, Hellzya , Sgeo, LtBrenton, Boogyman1001 , Alexmerser, Jacob, Panne, ScottEC, Club Alpha, KiraNL, Kimarough101, Bach Zhaa, ReidB17, Nursemom, Miranda01 , Charlie , Hans Bouwman and Divvy.