Yellow : Halloween Ball

The team of the Yellow world ( Ozman(#357777) , Apooka(#363660) , ...) has organized this years Halloween Ball on 31st october . The entry point was on position 151S 1697E in Echo Meadow Village, and from that position you can follow a path which takes you to the Halloween Ball event . Or you can grab a broom and fly to the ballroom destination....at Yellow 151S 1767E

Echo Meadow Village is in fact an entire village with haunted houses. Before arriving at the ballroom you can visit a some parts of the village. In the Village Hall you can find a Halloween teleport center. A bit further you will find a nice haunted house in the Mockingbird Lane on position 160S 1717E.

At 150S 1765E you will finally see the Halloween Dance Area , and in the neighourhoud this wizard hat-shaped Gazebo . The Dance Arena itself looks like a ruined castle...


The dance area had a lights effect bar which was controlled by Apooka, all elements where there to make a haunted atmosphere : mist and green fog , purple and red lights , fireworks and lightning. There were several Dance mover panels for a wide range a dance moves...

Pumpkins, spider webs , the ruins of a castle and of course nice musice made the dance hall complete. Some people were really in Halloween mood :

- Sidris : "I see your face, you need some vitamines"
- Vera : "Yes, i need some fresh blood"
- Sidris : "Great, let's get transfusions for Halloween"

Some of the visitors : Newjundiaius, Morticia, Ozman, Veger, Snowie, Spyro , Highwayman, Sweets, Bach Zhaa, Panne, Apooka, Snowkupp, Nattie, Catwoman, Miranda01, Garnet, Dreme Lojyk, Chef Kayla, Belladora, Vera, Minty, Ladyeagleheart and Sidris.