Funbox : Tower of Terror

GSK presented us a second big event this year after his "Millionaire"event in July. This event was even more succesful with up to 37 visitors. GSK surprised us with a splendid light show and music.

At the beginning a lot of people entered (the event has been announced 1 month in advance in the AW Forum and in the AW Community Meeting) , and didn't really know what they could do (some people needed to empty their cache first), but finally the light show started around the building....

After the light show, all people could finally enter the Hollywood Tower Hotel, and could start to view what's going to happen inside. Unfortunately we had only a small preview of it, this part isn't ready yet , the final result will be released in 2014. Anyway, all people have enjoyed the excellent light show.

Some people had also their Halloween costume outfit ...:)


Vistors list : GSK, Bach Zhaa, Flynny, Cameleon, Karl Bouman, Perra , Audacious, Zanna , Minty, Sweets , Edwin, Orb , Legion, Jackson, LadyEagleHeart, Panne, Kitty Kat Kelsy, Nursemom, PChard, Trevorl, Miranda01, Kristina34, MRRM, Draconis, Rod57, Mel , Straker, Smaug, McLuhan, Red Sorceress, Hans Bman, Fog45 , BenV, Highwayman, Nitecap, TenYearsGone,and James B.