AW School Reopening party @ Fishbones
Fishbones is a dance club in AWSchool located at 143N 141W and has been built in 2010. At the entrance you will find a limousine and presentation of some fish at the left side. The interior looks very modern , and you will find a cocktail bar and a snack bar, and in the center a large dance area.

You can also dance upon a large cocktail , like Plappo Mintybits (#380701) does. Mita(#348707) announces the location of the event to all newcomers in AWschool, so does Perra(#261818) as well.

There is also a light studio, where you can activate spotlights and particles emitters : bubbles, hearts, and of course fishbones :)

People present at this party : Plappo Mintybits, Mita , Perra , Panne, EpilepticGerbil, Zanna, Smaug, Highwayman, Bach Zhaa, Tarza , Apooka, Veger, Spoof , Good Person, Trevorl, Nursemom , Miranda01, Winter, MC Rider, Nattie, Chocolateberry, Dovestar, Vera , Kryaotik, John22, MRRM, Nodoka, Kamimi Hachima, Iriezan , and Krazy Kynko.

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