Christmas Party @ Kitteths World

This Christmas Party was organized by Nitecap(#353442) in her world Kitteths on december 21st . The world is all about cats and the party had a special atmosphere with all the cats around.

The dancefloor was covered with glittering stars and was located along the sea, which had the reflection of a big star in the sky. The sky itself was covered with a constantly moving aurora .


Santa Clause was at the discobar, playing music from Harold's Angels Radio. At the other side of the dancefloor there was a cocktail bar.

In the neighbourhood, there was also a Santa Clause workshop , and a Xmas concert.

People @ this party : Nitecap, Plappo Mintybits , Mel , Rod57 , Kryotik , Woody, Miranda01 , Chumana, Nattie, Sweets , LadyEagleHeart, TenYearsGone, Bach Zhaa, Newjundiaius , Catwoman, Chocolateberry, Smaug, Panne, Rogue Darkshadow, KennyMcc, Darksize and Samiv.

Also Dodgy , Genevieve and Belladora were there : look at this movie made by Dodgy : https://www.dropbox.com/sc/5bwf3q2jwfdjjf2/obBpfSqaD8