Winter Holiday Village & Christmas Parade

In the world Winter you can build your own christmas theme in the Winter Holiday Village II ( 718N 1960E) and is located next to the Winter Holiday Village of 2010. Some of us have seen those buildings of 2010 already with the Explores Club on 7th December.



On 22nd of december there is the Christmas paThere are 56 building lots , ask of telegram to Bach Zhaa(#360197) for your own building lot. You can build during the whole christmas period : The Holiday Village building event started from 7th december 2013 and lasts until 4th january 2014.

At 718N 1960E you will find this Holiday Village map, where you can see which building lots are still free. When you click upon a building lot upon this map , you will be teleported to that place. After you have chosen your own building lot, your name will appear on this map.

The world winter contains a rather unusual object path , so there are teleport signs which will bring you to the object yards with the objects used in this world. There are also links to texture yards, to the color chart, to the awportals website, etc...

But apart from that, you can also explore the Holiday Village of 2010 , just south of this year's Holiday Village, and search for ideas over there.


The world Winter also has a 3d calendar, made on a wall of ice, and announcing all the upcoming events in the Activeworlds universe. Finally there is also an "ideas area", where some building ideas for the village are posted , for having a 100% christmas themed village. It's also useful for those who don't know what they can build on their building lot and it will bring more variety in the building themes.

Christmas Parade
On 22nd of december there is the Christmas parade (there are 3 parades planned on this day) and these parades are organized also in the Winter Holiday Village. First parade on saturday night 24:00 VRT, second on sunday noon 12:00 VRT , and final and best one on sunday night 24:00 VRT.
Here some pictures of the Christmas parade @ 12:00 VRT (=early in the morning for US and in the afternoon for Europe), the best parade is yet to come tonight. How to participate at the xmas ride ? Just ask, then the parade will stop for you , then click upon the rail and when your avatar starts dancing, you're on the mover :). Then the parade continues driving with you on it.
Winter Holiday Village

Go to the village map (718N 1960E) and teleport to each building lot to see more...

Ozyseo (#368359) : Sleigh rides : just enter the house to start the ride, and press Home or End to finish the ride...
Ms T (#350468) : Xmas store with shoes and handbags , behind the building there is a garden with ice sculptures
Lady NightHawk (#351831) : Gingerbread Lodge
Apooka (#363660) : "Zum Ursa Kringle Mart" : open air xmas market and a nice pub
Ozman (#357777) : "Honest Ted's Used Sleighs" (view picture of xmas parade)
Blue Green Gem (#307543) : "Beej's Soda Shop"
Woody (#321492) : Santa's Repair Shop
Earthcritter (#318816) : Short working pause for Santa Clause...
Stayit (#361372) : " The Grinch"
TenYearsGone(#378183) : Clarks Residence & Davis Residence
Panne (#365962) : "Shop-Till-You-Drop Shop" (+pictures xmas parade)