GK Holiday Party

On 14 december, there was the Gatekeepers Holiday Party , organized by the AW gatekeepers in GKDays world. In the world GKdays you will find all the typical xmas builds... It's the first xmas themed party this year , and you need to click upon the sign to go to the dance area....



People @ the party : Nitecap, TenYearsGone, Panne, Miranda01, Fog45, Mel, Smaug,Chocolateberry ,Zanna ,Perra , MC Rider,LadyEagleHeart ,Woody , Bach Zhaa, LazySuzy, Sir Squeeky, Ronscycle1, Jesse K, Jess , Tomas , Darksize, Plappo Mintybits, Highwayman and Gremot.