Barn dance in Alpaworld

On 30 november, the Nitecap(#353442) has invited us for a party @ AW 1495S 3240E in the barn of TenYearsGone(#378183) .

It's a small barn with small dusty PE-stars and PE-spots and dance movers panels, ....and hay :). Inside the barn you could hear the Nursemom party radio.


The barn is located near a road with trolley track , where you will find several trolley movers. The movers are server controlled and they are also multi-user : if you are with 2 or more persons, click upon the pole in the middle of the trolley, then wait 10 seconds and then the trolley starts to move with several persons upon the trolley.


All builds in that area are made by TenYearsGone. When you start to explore the area with a trolley then you would find "The Harald Institute"at 1407S 3226E. Inside the building you can watch a missile launch.

At the other side of the trolley track you will see "The Harold Institute School of Haroldry" , with lots of students crossing the road.

We can also say that the area is SWCity inspired, using the typical inhabitants of SWCity. SWCity is also located in Alphaworld, and has it's own website with lots of building ideas and tutorials : http://www.swcity.net/ and with its own forum and wiki pages.

The party was a succes , and finally the bar seemed to be too small and everyone continued dancing outside at the campfire....

People @ the party : Nitecap, TenYearsGone, Blakey , Panne, Nursemom, Miranda01, Zanna, Mel, Smaug, Dodgy, Cameleon, Delb2 , MC Rider, Kryotik, MRRM, Bach Zhaa, Earendil37, Zephyrus , Snowkupp, LazySuzy, Sir Squeeky, GoodPerson, Samiv, Gorian, Spyro, Flynny, Minty and Chocolateberry.