Screenshot / Printscreen : Making pictures

In this AWTimes website you can see a lot of pictures taken during the Explorer's Club Event. Here you have a few tips how to do become a photographer yourself.

There are 2 ways to make pictures : the "screenshot" and the "printscreen", both ways have their advantages and disadvantages , but both are very useful for making pictures for folders, webpages, blogs, etc....


The screenshot

The first way to do it, is to use the screenshotcamera -icon on the Activeworlds toolbar : there will be created automatically an image001.jpg , image002.jpg ,...(the filename appears in the chat window) and this will be stored in the folder of the Activeworlds program. The number of pictures is limited to 100 images ,unless you change this in the .ini file ( see 4. using "ini"-tweaks) . Then search those files on your computer and move those files into a seperate pictures folder and you can restart taking pictures. The main advantages of using the screenshot : it's quick and easy. You don't need to close the chat window or tabs window, because you won't see those screens on the picture, you won't see the tools bar and status bar (if you use Classic Bars) : only the scene of the picture screenshot .

Show - Credit Info : or with CTRL+F7, you can hide the credit info hudscreen.

Show - Classic Bars : to hide the tools bar (below) and hide the gestures menu

The printscreen

The second way to make pictures is with the PrintScreen-key on your keyboard, and then use the Paint program. Almost everyone will find on the computer the freeware program Paint , otherwise you can download the program on Paint.net.

The advantages of using the printscreen-key is that you can also make a picture of the chat window , the tabscreen window, the toolbar etc. The screenshot-button is for use in activeworlds only, whereas the printscreen-key can be used for all programs on your computer. Now how to do make a picture with Paint :

1. Press the PrintScreen key on your keyboard
2. Open the Paint program on your computer
3. Press CTRL + V (=paste)
4. File -> Save as ....and you give your picture a filename, e.g. pic001.jpg

There are some tools that you can use : cut out parts, enlarge or reduce , add text ..etc. This is how you can cut out a part of the picture with Paint :

1. Click upon the the Select tool (=square dotted line icon)
2 Select the image part you want to cut out by drawing rectangle around it
If it's not good , retry it again by clicking again upon the Select tool.
3. Press CTRL + C (= copy) Here you copy the image that you have cut out.
4. Press CTRL + N (=new) Here we will start a new paint file
5. We choose not to save the current file
6. Paint remains open but restarts with a blank area surround by a grey area.
7. Press CTRL + V (=paste) and you will see the picture that you have cut out .
8. In the menu you can choose : "Image" - "Crop"
This is to remove blank space around the new picture, because there must be only
grey background, the white background will be part of the picture.
If not ok, undo or redo the operations : CTRL + Z (=undo) CTRL + Y (=redo)
9. File -> Save as ....