Using Voice chat
Since the introduction of free citizenship in June 2013, all visitors can add other visitors as contact persons and they can join them, invite them, or send them telegrams.. Also the introduction of free voice chat for all private p20 worlds or larger is a major improvement, because there are already a lot of possibilities to use free voice chat , like e.g. Skype. We can say that communication in Activeworlds has improved. Now you only need to learn how to use the voice chat ....

Installing the microphone for VOIP

Some computers and laptops have a microphone (and speakers) installed. I you don't have a microphone , you can also buy a microphone in the supermarket at a very low price.

Once you have installed this microphone on your computer, you can go to the AW menu and choose : Options - Settings - Chat and at the bottom of this window you will find Capture Audio Device , and here you select your microphone....and click ok.






Now it's time to use your microphone : go to a world with Voice chat (e.g. AWReunion).

And now press the F9 key to open the tabs window and select the tabscreen Voice Chat.

You will see the citizens names and a microphone besides their name. And you will see also a green Talk/Hands Free - buttonbar.







Now press the Talk/Hands Free - buttonbar and you will see that the buttonbar is now in red with the word "stop".

And you will also see a level meter of which you can change the volume.

Now you can speak !! You will see a yellow sign besides your name, indicating that you are talking.

When you want to stop speaking, then press the Stop -buttonbar, and you will see the Talk/Hands Free-buttonbar again.

So, it's very simple :)